University of Pittsburgh

Department of Neuroscience


Undergraduate Program

An autonomous major in neuroscience was developed at the University of Pittsburgh in 1983, and is among the largest undergraduate neuroscience programs in the country, with more than 298 students as majors.

The program is designed to provide a challenging sequence of courses in biological sciences, chemistry, mathematics, and physics, in addition to introductory and advanced courses in neuroscience. Students may also receive credit for original research projects conducted in collaboration with faculty members. The relatively small size of the upper-level courses, excellence of teaching, and opportunities for research are especially attractive features of the major. A minor in neuroscience is also available.

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Master's Program

The overall objective of the Department of Neuroscience Master’s Degree program is to provide additional laboratory research and academic training to students who have completed an undergraduate major in neuroscience or a closely related scientific area, and wish to extend their studies before moving on to other post-graduate training or professional employment. Areas of concentration include neuroplasticity, synaptic transmission, homeostatic regulatory systems, biological bases of neuropsychiatric disorders, cognitive neuroscience, and developmental neuroscience.

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Doctoral Program

Visit the CNUP Web site for more information about pursuing a doctoral degree in Neurological Sciences.